Align Your Headlights Perfectly To Prevent Accidents

You are driving at evening and noticed that the drivers from your back are consistently flashing their front car headlights towards your car. There is no sign of a speed trap; signal or you do not even know them, but they are actually trying to let you know that your car headlights are not perfectly aligned. Every vehicle driver knows from their past experience that being flashed continuously by the headlamps of other cars will definitely create problems in driving and results in impaired vision. So, it is necessary to straighten the headlights out of the car a little more.

Most of the models of the cars and other vehicles come with headlight adjuster equipments. Most of the adjusters are for adjusting the headlamps in the vertical position. But when the headlamps are required to be adjusted in the horizontal position, then actual problem arises.  Horizontal imbalance is caused due to faulty adjustments in the housings of the front part. When you have to align the car lights horizontally, you have to adjust the housings and check the light alignment.

Car Light Alignments

Reasons of Car Light Alignments

A perfect alignment is necessary to avoid accidents, mainly during evening or in low lights. A good alignment of brake lights, side lights, and bumper lights are also necessary to illuminate the entire road. It is actually a safety measure that should be followed by every driver and car manufacturers. Car accidents are very frequent nowadays, so proper lighting system of the vehicle is important. If the light accessories are not properly aimed, their performance will definitely decrease and they will not work well. When you are buying a new car or replacing the lights of your vehicle, it is your responsibility to check the position of them. A slight wrong adjustment can convert into a large mistake while you are driving.

Headlight Alignment According To the Load Carried By Vehicle

Most of the people do not bother about the adjustments of the car lights, but it is a primary step for ensuring security of the occupants.  When the front lights are not properly aligned, the drivers become blind during driving. So, it is necessary to adjust the lights at regular intervals.  The weight is the primary consideration for aligning the lamps of vehicles.  Adding weight to the rear part of your vehicle can push the back portion down which considerably pushes the front part of the car up and deliberately changes the path of the headlight beams.  When you are going for a long journey by car with lots of load, you should adjust the position of the lights after accommodating the entire load. Adjustment is required because the lights are shifted from its original place due to constant use.

Lights of Your Car

Steps for Aligning the Lights of Your Car

  1. Locate your car in a plain area, mainly in front of a wall that is perpendicular to the space floor.
  2. Park the car at a distance of 30cm from the wall and turn the headlights. Mark the point where the highest beams reach the wall. Also mark the position of the lowest beams.
  3. Move the car 6ft back and then lower the brightness level. The point of highest illumination falls down to 10%.
  4. Then adjust the headlights by the adjuster screws. If you cannot do the adjustments by your own, you can take your car to the car parts outlet.

The cars have various type of lights fitted in its body. The projector headlights and halo headlights are very important for the vehicle. They enhance your driving experience and illuminate the entire road perfectly.

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