Acupuncture and Its Beneficial Effects in Healing the Body

Acupuncture is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine that uses very thin needles which is placed in particular portions of the body to arouse the energy points to enhance a person’s well being and health.

Based from Chinese medicine, the health of the mind and body are completely dependent on each other and both are dependent on yin and yang as well as the movement of Chi inside the body.


The particular points of Acupuncture are the outcome of the millions of comprehensive observations of their therapeutic effects when being stimulated. Later, these points turned out to be meridians or channels or the line adjacent the acupuncture points through which Chi flows to make equilibrium in the organs. Various energy channels represent or depict a specific organ in the body.

There are different beneficial effects made by Acupuncture in a person’s body.  These are:

 Increases Fertility

Women who are getting an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment can boost their chances of conception by fifty percent if they are able to obtain a proper acupuncture treatment.

 Decreases Headache

Rather than drinking too much Aspirin, you can resort to Acupuncture as an effective tool when struggling from the pain of headache. In most patients, Acupuncture can even totally eliminate their headaches.

Helps Fight Depression

People, who are suffering from depression be it severe or mild, are resorting to acupuncture as an additional cure for their condition.

Helps Lose Weight

Acupuncture can strengthen a person’s flexibility, help curb food cravings, and improve a person’s capacity to react to exercise and healthy diets.

Lessens Migraines

Everybody knows how excruciating is the pain brought by migraines. With this, Acupuncture has been tested to avoid migraine attacks. The method used to cure migraines is to eliminate its cause, which is known to us as tension. Another benefit that acupuncture gives to migraine sufferers is that it does not include pain and there are no side effects.

 Lessens the symptoms of diabetes

If you are in search for ways to control your diabetes naturally, you can opt to undergo acupuncture.

Other Known Benefits of Acupuncture to Healing

 Sedation – calming effect

Analgesia – relieves pain

Immunity – boosts a person’s immunity

Homeostasis – maintains the normal equilibrium in the body

Acupuncture is generally without pain, although there are times that minor piercing sensations may be experienced when putting in the needles. Constant study on the benefits and effects of acupuncture shows that this alternative mode of treatment can be a successful primary treatment in hospitals and other healthcare facilities as well as helpful adjunctive therapy. One great feature of acupuncture is that it provides no side effect when performed by an acupuncturist who is licensed.

Finding an Eligible Acupuncturist

 You only need a licensed acupuncture practitioner like those in Acupuncture Melbourne. He/she does need to have a comprehensive training or precision. You can ask for referrals from someone who has already undergone acupuncture for you to find an efficient and licensed acupuncturist within your area.

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