How much do fridge vans cost?

Investing in refrigerated vans can be a great idea for your business, and particularly if you need to transport sensitive and perishable items such as food and flowers. Refrigerated vans depend on using a cooling unit within its back section, and come in a range of different sizes. When looking for fridge vans for sale, what, then, are some of the prices that you might expect to see, and how can you find ways to reduce the amount that you spend on your vehicle?


There are a wide range of different refrigerated vans available, with their prices depending on their size, power, and whether or not you want to pick them up used or new. Costs for new vans can vary, but can be over £15,000 once you factor in VAT, while used models can fall below £10,000 if you look in the right places and can find a van that has a reasonable number of miles on its clock, as well as a well maintained cooling unit. Whatever van you choose, though, it needs to be certified to meet international regulations on the transportation of perishable goods.

The amount you pay for your refrigerated van also has to be set against what you’ll pay for servicing and other costs, which can include first registration fees with the DVLA; this can be £55.00 and above. You’ll also have to pay varying amounts of road tax depending on the size of your van and the amount of emissions that it produces. It’s worth comparing the market to make sure that you’re not paying more than you need for a refrigerated van.

In terms of refrigerated van insurance costs, the amount you have to pay for a premium van vary depending on what you’re transporting, and whether you have to make long distance trips. Some insurers are wary about how much they will insure you for, and particularly if you’re carrying particularly valuable items that might become damaged in transit. Other costs associated with van insurance can include cover for fixing broken refrigeration units.

Renting a refrigerated van can be a better solution if you want to cut down on the general costs of a vehicle; in many cases, you might find that the daily hire cost of a van is more practical than buying one outright. A van rental should be your priority if you only need one for a short period of time, or for a single job. What you pay in terms of rental costs will vary depending on the size, model, and age of a van, and on the amount of insurance that a provider charges.

To this end, it’s worth weighing up the different factors that affect the cost of a refrigerated van; if a van is essential for your business, it can be better to make an upfront investment in a vehicle that’s going to be used every day, while accepting higher than average insurance costs to protect your cargo. It’s also worth looking into deals, though, for renting specialist vans for different jobs if you’re unsure about your long term transportation needs.

Author Bio: Tom Pearson writes about the challenges of long distance logistics. He’s always looking for the best deals on fridge vans for sale around the UK. He also blogs on how to get the best insurance for your van.

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