10 Easy Tips: How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Even if you have ample square footage when you move into a house or apartment, sooner or later you can feel a little cramped. There are several different tricks that can make a smaller space seem much more ample and not feel quite as cramped. Here are a few ways to make the most out […]

Tips to improve your house

Tired of the same old sofa sitting in the drawing room or the curtains which now do not inspire happiness and delight in you? Or it’s about time to say goodbye to those show pieces that you got eons back. Whatever the reason be redoing the interiors of your house brings about a fresh breath […]

Lighting ideas to give your bedroom the wow factor

When considering ideas for lighting the bedroom, many people tend to gravitate towards the old staples of a main light in the center of the room and a couple of small reading lamps situated on bedside tables. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach, new technologies are changing lighting. The old perspective Bedroom lighting […]