Aspects That Determine the Success of E-Learning

In the past few years, E-Learning has gained massive popularity worldwide. Numerous factors like developed technological infrastructure and growing investment in the educational sector have facilitated the e-learning programs in the developed countries. But as far as the underdeveloped and developing countries are concerned, there are certain aspects that determine the successful implications of the […]

Why Require Manual Translation To Translate Portuguese Document To English?

Portuguese, French, Italian, Hindi, German etc. are some of the languages which are not known by maximum people, hence the translators are required. Web translators are widely available these days that perform their work accurately, but it cannot be helpful every time. Many times printed materials come in front of people which cannot be translated […]

Guide to Writing a Dissertation

The dissertation is the endgame of your course. It’s normally the final assignment before you finish your year. In the UK, you won’t do a proper dissertation until you reach university. It’s a monumental coming together of hours of research and editing. It’s no wonder so many students find it difficult to get it done […]

Admissions are on the rise

New admissions to university are on the rise, with application numbers up after a disappointing 2012. Spurred, in part, by fears over tuition fee increases, university admissions are returning to previous levels, with 385,910 applicants accepted by UK universities by A-Level results day, a 9 per cent increase. Students are continuing to increase their scores […]

5 Ways to Overcome the Stresses of Nursing

You love your nursing job; you love your patients. You love helping people manage their health better. You couldn’t imagine doing anything else for a living, but with the demanding hours and responsibility, the job is highly stressful — perhaps more so than many other occupations. If you’re effectively managing your stress, you can’t do […]