The Top Home Fire Safety Prevention Tips

You may be surprised to find out that more than 3000 people die in home fires every single year. The sad part is that many of these deaths could have been prevented. There are easy fire safety prevention tips that can be used in a home to prevent fires from happening in the first place. To make sure that you prepare your household, here is a look at some of the top home fire safety prevention tips.

Fire Safety Tip #1 – Have a Plan of Escape

One of the most important tips you must remember is to have a plan of escape in case there is a fire in your home. While you want to do everything possible to avoid a fire in the first place, a fire could still occur and you must be prepared. Draw a good escape plan up together as a family and make sure you discuss it. You should make sure that there are a couple escape routes for each room in the home and make sure that all household members know the basic procedures for fire safety. Investing in a fire escape ladder to go through a window or balcony may also be wise. Talk about the importance of crawling below the smoke, checking for heat at doors before they are opened, and ensure that everyone is aware of the fastest way out of the home, no matter where they are in the home. Go over this plan a couple times each year and have drills too.

Fire Safety Tip #2 – Install Quality Smoke Detectors

Another great fire safety tip for your home is to install quality smoke detectors. This is the best weapon against a death from fire. Many of the deaths that occur in home fires have occurred because the home did not have smoke detectors that were working. Every floor in your home should have a couple of smoke detectors and they should be near bedrooms so you wake up in the night if a fire occurs. Batteries should be changed yearly and every 10 years you should install new smoke detectors in the home.

Fire Safety Tip #3 – Don’t Be Careless

A very simple tip to remember for home fire safety is to avoid being careless. Many fires are caused simply because a homeowner got careless. For example, you shouldn’t be smoking while you are in bed. Avoid overloading the electrical outlets in your home. Keep space heaters away from anything flammable. All of these things are simple and easy to remember. Avoid the carelessness that can lead to a fire and to death.

Fire Safety Tip #4 – Have a Few Fire Extinguishers in the Home

Having a few fire extinguishers in the home is another great fire safety tip. This is important so you can avoid allowing a small fire turn into a big one that totally destroys your home. You definitely want to have one on hand in the kitchen, where many home fires start. Have them in other places throughout the home and ensure that they work as well. Check the expiration dates and replace extinguishers when you need to.

Fire Safety Tip #5 – Teach Your Kids About Fire Safety

Last, you need to teach your kids about fire safety too. Teach them that fire is dangerous. You would be surprised at the number of fires that are set in homes because kids are playing with fire. Let your kids know that this is dangerous and make sure they know that playing with fire is not acceptable. Teach them important safety tips as well so you can avoid a fire set by a child.

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