Get Fit With Your Dog

Dog is human’s best friend according to most pet lovers and it is true they offer companionship and joy to their owners. However, did you know they could provide the motivation to get physically fit as well? There are several ways you can get fit while caring for your beloved canine and below are some of the most common exercises you can do with your pet in tow.

Pre Exercise Considerations

The first thing you must know about exercising with your dog is that not all breeds are suited to heavy exercise. Short-nosed breeds such as the pug may have very difficult time breathing when they are under exertion.  Even if you do not have a susceptible breed, you should take them to the veterinarian for a checkup before starting any canine exercise program. You also need to take into consideration the climate. Do you live in a cold area? For dogs that have short hair, it might be wise to dress your pup in dog sweaters or coats so they don’t get chilly during your outdoor activities.


One of the best exercises for human and dog alike is walking. Dogs of all sizes require regular exercise and if you lack in the yard area you will need to get on a regular walking schedule. Walking is such a great exercise because anyone can do it regardless of fitness level and even a moderate amount of walking can help you lose weight and feel great.


If you are in a bit better shape, you can always jog with your pet. People who live in larger cities find this to be helpful for several reasons. Not only do they have a companion for their workout but a potential protector as well. Even if you have a dog that wouldn’t do much more than lick someone to death the presence of a noisy dog can be a deterrent to a would be criminal. It is important that your dog be obedient if you are going to take them walking or jogging with you, they should know the basic commands of heel, sit and stay even if you never plan on taking them off the leash.

Gradual Increase

Just as you would with yourself, you need to carefully increase your dog’s physical activity. When a dog has set around the house eating kibble for the last couple of years they will need some time to become adjusted to getting their heart rate up.


You can exercise with your dog in many ways there may even become a time when you can bike along with your pet, but this is an activity that should  be reserved for those who are in good shape, both pet and owner. Remember the key to making exercise with your dog work well is to take your time, enjoy yourself and stay hydrated both you and your pet.

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