Children and Fireplace Safety

When you are designing your garden you want to know that every aspect of it is safe for your children this will include the pool areas and patio areas. Often you will have some form of fire place or barbecue area in your garden and this need to be safe for your children to be around. Children are naturally curious and they will explore things even when they aren’t meant to. By ensuring that every member of the family understands fireplace safety then your whole family will be kept safe.

As you begin to entertain in your garden you will want people to stay longer and having a fireplace in the garden is an ideal way to entertain. You will need to show fireplace safety for outdoor fireplaces, including electric fireplaces which still produce heat just like standard fire places, just as you would with an indoor one. Ensuring that there is a screen to keep the children away from the front of the fireplace is essential and this screen will also stop any flames coming out. The screen will also stop your child from throwing things onto the fire that shouldn’t be in there.

You should ensure that an adult is near the fire at all times this will help to stop any wandering children getting too close. You want everyone to have a good time and although children will always be curious of fireplaces and fires, with an adult supervising it they can ensure there are no injuries. If possible you should try and have your fireplace installed where the children aren’t playing.

Having a designated area for the cooking and fireplace will ensure that while the children are playing these areas will have adults in them. You should never leave a fireplace unattended even for a small amount of time as this can cause accidents. The area around your fireplace should be free of clutter and debris so that nothing can catch fire or be thrown into the fire. You should keep all fuels and lighting materials away from the fireplace to stop any chance of it igniting.

You should also have a fire extinguisher nearby to ensure that if there is a point when you feel the fire is out of control then you can deal with it. You should try to ensure that you keep your fireplace at a manageable level at all times. There is no need for a towering inferno and a warm glow would be more effective. Teaching your children from a young age safety around fires will ensure that they understand how to act around fires. There are great things you need to teach them about the dangers of fireplaces and what they can do if they play badly around them.

Educating your children is essential and will ensure that they understand where they can and can’t play in your garden. If they understand this then you can have many successful parties and events without any problems or accidents. Your children will grow up with fireplace safety in their minds and they can then go on to give their children the same advice.

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