Sports and Group Dynamics Related Fundraising Ideas

Sports Related Fundraising Ideas
Teams are not single organisms which can survive alone. Teams need supporters more than individual athletes. Getting the community involved in a team’s fundraising activity is a sure way to achieve monetary goals, as well as generate interest in the team. For local businesses, this is also one way for them to generate business. Some easy and fun ways to generate funds with sports and other sports-related activities include:


Cookie Dough Fundraising

Cookie Dough Fundraising


Cookie dough sales have proven to be very successful for a lot of organizations. These have taken over the old Girl Scout cookie campaigns. The reason there is a demand for this is the longevity of the cookie dough compared with cookie sales. It is true that people like cookies. What is also true is that families would want to cook their won cookies. This would allow family members to join in the fun, while cooking and then eating. This can be a team activity among the members of the sports team or fundraising organization. With a tally board, and regular reporting, the team members can see who has been selling and this can be used to make this a friendly competition.


Basketball Specific Fundraising Events


Some effective campaigns for sports teams are those which are related to the sports they are playing. For instance, a basketball team can have a free-throw or a three-point shootout. To even the playing field, there can be different groupings for age-groups or for skill levels. Team followers and supporters can join the events, and the team members can be there as coaches or as support personnel. This can be an outreach activity and a chance for the organization and team members to interact with their sponsors and followers.


Other Basketball Fundraising Events


Basketball related events can also be used in fundraising. These include three-on-three or even five-on-five (plus one substitute). Other events which have proven popular are mixed basketball games, or even father-son events. The logistics for these events may be harder because there would be less contestants. However, these can be sponsored teams. The entrance fee can be paid by a company or a local business. This is one way for the community to support their basketball team. It is also one way for local businesses to generate exposure.


Fun-Day Sports Related Fundraising


One day tournaments can also be used for fundraising campaigns. This would be where teams or participants go through a single round-robin competition, and the last man standing is the winner. In the same manner, fun runs can be conducted alongside other events like a marathon, or a half-marathon, or a 10K event. This would allow non-athletes to participate without any needed training. Having more participants would be a great help for the organization to capture the community’s attention.


Baseball Specific Fundraising Events


As a popular sport, baseball fundraising is almost as popular. Fans would like to have a bat in hand while in a batting cage and practicing their swings. This is the perfect opportunity for these weekend warriors to show off their skills in the batting cage, as well as in pitching. Batters can pay for time in the batting cage. Or pitchers can throw a ball through a hole in a net a few yards away. Like other sports related activities, this can also be done competitively, with prizes for high scores. Team scoring can also be used, with a different fee scale for team events.

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