Yes we will not forget 09/11/01 (In Side Job)

Every year 9/11 day mourned over the innocent people who died in world trade center, it is very unfortunate that such incident happened in NY where it’s been claimed that a bird can not fly with out the permission but few plans did flew and crashed in to world trade center.

Question is… Is this really true that people living in cages went all the way thorough USA toughest securities and crashed plan into world trade center.

–         Where were those over 2000 Jews that were working in world trade center the day this unfortunate incident took place? They were told to stay home that day…..

–         For American Government, was this best way to war against Muslim nation for their own interest. Wasn’t this conspiracy?

–         Was this the best way from  nation of America to win their wills to allow war on Muslim nation one after another? It was a great emotional start…

–         Media controlling your minds by showing long bearded people holding guns today and they point them as terrorists. Do you people think that they don’t want to live? They don’t have families? They don’t dreams or is it just Americans’ dreams to have better life?

Many of Americans are aware of this situation but they can’t speak up. Many of the USA Engineers proved that it is not possible that the building came down with Air plan crash. Engineer like Steve Johns was sent on paid leaf when he proved that this was a preplanned. It was professional inside Job. As soon plan hit the building, Building was bombed from the routs that makes it vanished like dust.

I also feel sorry for the people who died in world trade center regarding the conspiracy and it reminds me every year on 9/11. I even more regret on the American soldiers and Afghanis dying in questionable war. What a pity that American nation being fooled.

However there are so many videos and articles created by different people and experts in USA. I was searching in YouTube about 9/11 and I found Zakir Naik Proving that this was IN SIDE JOB. Here are few videos.


Wake Up America


Proof That Bombs Were Planted In The Buildings


Scientists simulate jet colliding with World Trade Center


9/11 Coincidences




If you like more information, you can goto the website below

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