Ways ShareFile.com Gives Back To the Community

Sharefile.com is a business that cares about giving back to the community. They understand that caring for other people is a great way for a company to show people they are trustworthy. Here are some ways in which Sharefile.com does that.

Project HOPE

In 2010, Sharefile held their own company Office Olympics to help Project HOPE, which is an organization focusing on Humanitarian assistance and global health education. Sharefile employees came together to form a community organization program called SHARE. Founded in 2010, the purpose of the organization is to allow its members to give to the community and to support organizations all over the world.

That same year, the employees of Sharefile joined forces with Stop Hunger Now. They worked with the organization to package over 10,000 meals that were given to victims of the Haiti earthquake. It was the success of this event that inspired SHARE to serve as the official host of the Office Olympics. The founder of SHARE, Jarrett Horne stated that the organization was excited to be involved in raising money for Project Hope.

Local businesses were encouraged to join the Office Olympics and participants were vying for a Bronze, Silver or Gold medal. Local restaurants donated food for the event and afterwards a party and awards ceremony was held for everyone who participated in the Office Olympics.

American Diabetes Association

In 2011, Sharefile announced that they would be running another session of Office Olympics, this time to benefit the American Diabetes Foundation. Once again SHARE hosted this charitable event in their quest to continue doing their part to give back to the community. The event was organized the same way in which the previous Office Olympics were organized and 100% of the profits from the event went directly to the American Diabetes Foundation.

Other charity events run by SHARE have raised money for National Trails Day, Movember and Habitat for Humanity.

Sharefile.com Goes Green

Since protecting the environment is such a huge part of giving back to the community, Sharefile has taken several steps to become a more environmentally friendly company. Located in North Carolina, Sharefile has been renovating a former steel warehouse found in Raleigh and turning it into an office building that is LEED-certified. This is the most sustainable office building the company has ever owned. In addition,Sharefile has added composting to one of the office locations they own and is planning to add composting to more of its offices in the future. Employees who eat lunch in the office are now using real plates and dishes as well as conserving water. The property management company that works with Sharefile has been working to regulate the temperature in the Sharefile offices. In addition, they are encouraging their community to learn about various recycling options. Sharefile makes it a point to donate used electronics and other office equipment. They are also encouraging their employees to carpool or even take public transportation to and from work.

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