Tips to improve your house

Tired of the same old sofa sitting in the drawing room or the curtains which now do not inspire happiness and delight in you? Or it’s about time to say goodbye to those show pieces that you got eons back. Whatever the reason be redoing the interiors of your house brings about a fresh breath of air and some excitement in shopping for the new and in vogue furniture, accessories and furnishings. Below are some home improvement tips which can be helpful for those looking forward to redecorate their houses.

Your home is the reflection of your personality and taste and how you view your life. Hence, people devote enough time and thought while decorating their houses to ensure that the visitors and neighbours get a good image about them and at the same time it makes them feel good to live in their house.

For the woman of the house, her home means everything to her and she spends hours and days deciding how to decorate her house and get a cosy and snug feeling residing in it. Different methods for home improvement are always on her mind and she invests her complete effort in the same.

Deco tips for small houses

If your apartment is small and has limited area for to and fro movement, then try to keep less and trendy furniture which doesn’t block the rooms and looks good too. The furniture in a house is meant to facilitate living and not obstruct easy and free movement inside the house.

This will not only make the house congested but also bad to look at and inconvenient for the home dwellers.  Also, for small apartments or houses it is necessary that they have light or bright colours on their walls. Cream, light green, light pink and light lavender will make the house look bright and spacious and also absorb sunlight. The paint of walls is the background for everything decorative in the house hence it should be chosen carefully.

Cool Sunlight and ventilation

If your house is small and has few windows or one balcony, then it is important that you utilize the sunlight coming from it to the optimum and do not put dark films, iron nets, dark curtains, and coverings that obstruct the path of sunshine and ventilation.

Keep the windows and balconies free and put light curtains, plants, or small hangings (in balconies if you want to decorate it) and not anything else.

Curtains, furniture and upholstery 

For small houses it is important to keep small and light furniture which fits easily in the house and leaves space for movement. The furniture should match the colour of the walls and curtains and should seem like a well-planned matrix. In cities like Mumbai, the culture of keeping foldable furniture is in vogue, as the size of houses there is very small and not everyone can afford a big house.


Trendy and multi-use furniture are available everywhere now and are reasonable as well. Not only they facilitate living but also look good.

The next important aspects are the curtains and furnishings of the house, which should echo the room for spaciousness and warmth. These should be in sync with the colour of the walls and furniture. Since light colours are prescribed for small houses, so should be the colour of the curtains and furnishings. This will allow the sunlight to filter through them, even when they are drawn and give the house a well-lit, ventilated, bright and spacious look. Dark colours will make a small house look smaller and hence should be avoided.

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