Lighting ideas to give your bedroom the wow factor

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When considering ideas for lighting the bedroom, many people tend to gravitate towards the old staples of a main light in the center of the room and a couple of small reading lamps situated on bedside tables. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach, new technologies are changing lighting.

The old perspective
Bedroom lighting has moved a long way from the traditional approaches favored in the not too distant past. Having a few lamps for reading or low level lighting dotted around the room and a ceiling rose in the center of the room works in many cases, but can be perceived as a bit old-fashioned or even pass. Of course, the prevalence of low energy light bulbs has eliminated the use of the dimmer switch to create instant atmosphere in the bedroom, so new paradigms are needed to create the same effect. Thankfully the relentless march of technology and innovations in the lighting field has led to these approaches far exceeding what was available even ten years previously.

LED lights can create a great effect
By employing new technologies such as LED lights, it can be possible to recreate the dimmer effects that have been eliminated by the introduction of low energy bulbs. Unfortunately, using these bulbs is not as straightforward as installing a bulb into your light fitting and attaching a dimmer switch, instead requiring an LED driver to provide the bulbs with the power source they require. Whilst this clearly means that an amount of extra work will be required to use LED lights, the extra controls allowed and the variety of effects available when using these lights is worth the effort. Contacting an LED lights specialist can provide you with all of the information and advice you could need regarding this technology.

Using LED lighting in the bedroom can provide you with the flexibility available with old light bulbs, whilst also enabling you some extra freedoms, such as using different colours and providing extra lighting in certain areas of the room. Whether you want to throw extra light onto the area beside your mirror, or have a desk that needs a light shined upon it, the use of LED strip lights can give you almost endless ways to light your room.

Using fairy lights
Whilst once seen as the preserve of the kooky and the teenaged, fairy lights can be used tastefully within a bedroom to create a fantastic effect. By using lights with a soft colour tone, or placing them behind a translucent throw, you can create a relaxing lighting effect, which is almost endlessly customisable. Another benefit from using these lights is the fact that they are relatively inexpensive to obtain, although they don’t necessarily work by being used in a prolonged manner like conventional lamps.

Whether you stick with the traditional paradigm of a traditional bulb, or use fairy lights to create an interesting effect, experimenting with the space can give your room a unique feel. Contacting the specialists at can help if you plan to use LED lights in your bedroom.

Uplighter or downlighter
When thinking about the light coming from your traditional ceiling rose, your choice of lightshade can make a massive difference to the overall effect generated. Downlighters send the light from your ceiling rose directly into the room, providing a very bright overall effect. On the other hand, an uplighter provides shade to the light, giving you a greater degree of control over the amount of brightness given by the lights.

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