Discover the top four Christmas party venues for a magical event in 2013

It is getting to that time of year again when you need to start thinking about what you are going to do for the festive season. Summer may be coming to a close and it may seem like ages away. But everyone knows that when it comes to Christmas the sooner you plan the better. If you are planning on throwing a party this year then you will need to make sure you decide on a venue and book it in advance. It won’t be long until all of the leading Christmas party venues in your area become fully booked. If you are looking for somewhere magical to host your Christmas party in 2013 then you should definitely consider one of the following fantastic venues…

The Earth Halls

The Earth Halls is situated within the world famous Natural History Museum. This is a venue that really embraces the festive theme. To say the event space is magical would be a mere understatement. When you walk into the venue and see the magnificent globe your breath will be taken away. The atmosphere is extremely special and you will be in for an occasion you’ll never forget. From ambient lighting to a DJ and a disco; The Earth Halls has all in the ingredients needed for a first class party.

Old Billingsgate Vaults

This venue has definitely received a reputation as one of the best and most popular Christmas event venues in London. The fact that the room for the Christmas party is called the ‘Curiosity Cavern’ says everything about the evening you are set to enjoy. The place is unusual, intriguing and full of mystery. You will fail to find another Christmas party venue as unique as this one. There are delights gathered from all over the world on display; from medicine cabinets to document chests. The theme is very evident and one cannot ignore the ambience either. This underground den has an urban and ultra-chic feel to it.

HAC Artillery Garden

The HAC Artillery Garden is another phenomenal venue for Christmas parties this year. You will get to host your event in the Winter Soiree. You and your guests will indulge in a delicious three course meal and some festive mince pies. Once your meal has digested you will then be able to spend the rest of the night dancing away to your favourite tunes. And let’s not forget about the brass quintet either; they will be in to perform some seasonal tracks for everybody to enjoy.


Last but not least let’s finish off with undoubtedly one of the most chic and contemporary Christmas venues in the whole of London; OXO2. Not only is the venue and the interior décor itself spectacular, but you will be able to enjoy your party whilst overlooking stunning views of the River Thames. The event you want to be looking for this winter is called the Jukebox Rocks. This is perfect for those who want to enjoy the retro feel of the 1950s. From iconic scooters to the top hits from the era; you will like you have stepped into a time machine.

Summary – This article provides readers with information on this year’s top Christmas party venues. It is always better to book in advance in order to ensure that you do not miss out on one of the best venues.

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