Pens make great gifts, shop online for a good deal

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Everyone needs at least one decent pen; something that feels good in your hand, that is weighted properly and aids your handwriting. Working professionals will need a good pen for signatures and hand written notes. Many schools also insist that homework is done by hand and some even in ink.

Ever since the typewriter appeared on the scene, letters etc. have been typed and printed. Home PCs and laptops have increased this trend but try as it might, the home printer will never be able to replace a good pen.

 Writing a letter with a personal touch, such as a thank you note, should be done with a pen. Greetings cards should also be written in pen and for tasks such as these, you need something a little classier than a biro. Everyone’s idea of what makes the best handwriting pen differs. Some prefer a good rollerball or ballpoint, whilst others will prefer fountain pens.

1. Fountain Pen
Learning to write with a fountain pen is a great life skill and some traditional secondary schools, such as grammar school and high schools, still ask that some homework is handwritten with a fountain pen. Cheap fountain pens are a false economy; hands, clothing and school bags will all quickly become stained by a leaking pen. Take a look online in places such as Websters Pen Shop for a good selection of high quality fountain pens. You will also find a good range of replacement ink cartridges. You can make this more exciting by selecting fun shades, such as turquoise or purple.

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2. Ballpoints and Rollerballs
A ballpoint pen or a rollerball offers a good all round pen. A rollerball uses a waterbased ink and is good for those with a fluid handwriting style. Many people who like fountain pens get on well with a rollerball and the result can be pretty similar. The chances of leaks and mess are even less with a rollerball, however. A ballpoint uses a thicker ink, but a good ballpoint pen should not be overlooked. Particularly in an office environment where you use carbon forms, a ballpoint pen is essential. They’re also good as a desk pen or a signature pen when nothing overly formal is required.

3. Online
A pen makes a great gift for a student or for someone starting their first job. You can find a good range on line and will be able to compare like with like in one place. Try a good online retailer such as Websters Pen Shop. Furthermore, a good pen will last a lifetime, as you simply replace the ink cartridges as and when needed. For an extra special gift, an engraved pen is ideal. You can have roller-balls, ballpoints or a fountain pen engraved.

If you are looking for a good selection of pens, either with a view to purchasing something for yourself or for a gift, online retailers and stationers such as Websters Pen Shop will have something for you. You will find a good range of pen brands, allowing you to compare both quality and price. Get the best you can an enjoy the experience.


Della is handwriting expert and calligrapher. She uses a computer and a printer just like everyone else, but also enjoys writing letters by hand. She prefers fountain pens and has a selection, many of which she bought online from Websters Pen Shop. She also has a selection of professional calligraphy pens, which she uses in her studio.

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