Which? Reveal the best new cars for towing

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Do you need to tow a trailer, boat or caravan? If so, you need a new car that can provide comfortable and efficient transport for you and your family as well as being able to handle a lot of weight.

Now, Which? has revealed its three best new cars for towing. We look at why the consumer champion recommends these three new cars and highlight how car leasing can help you get a great deal on one of these three models.

The top three cars for towing

Independent testers from Which? have put a range new cars through their paces to come up with a list of the best tow cars. The tow cars have been split into three classes: large 4x4s, medium 4x4s/estate cars, and smaller cars – and we reveal the winners here.

Large 4×4

Which? says that ‘if you’ve got something big to tow, like a horse box or multi-berth caravan, you’re going to need something pretty serious to cope.’

The winner of the ‘best tow car’ in this category is the Volkswagen Touareg. As well as boasting an impressive towing capacity (3.5 tonnes), the Touareg’s diesel engine boast excellent torque (pulling power), which is vital when towing.

Which? also said that the Touareg is also ‘very safe and capable on-road, with excellent engines and impressive refinement.’

Best estate

The winner of this category was the Ford Mondeo Estate. The Mondeo can tow up to 2,200 kg with a 2.2 TDCi engine and Which? reports that even the petrol Mondeo estates made excellent tow cars.

Which? also said that ‘the Mondeo Estate [is] very comfortable to drive and holds the road well, even when fully loaded.’

Best smaller tow car

If you have a small trailer or caravan, the Audi A3 was the choice of Which? testers. The Audi A3 hatchback can still tow up to 690kg unbraked, or a generous 1,800kg braked.

Which? adds that ‘Audi’s 2.0 TDI diesel engine is ideal for towing, and the A3 has a superb chassis for driving.’

If you’re looking to buy one of these three excellent tow cars, personal contract hire or car leasing can help you to get a great deal. Keep reading to find out more.

How car leasing can help you get a great deal on your next new car

If you’re looking to buy a Volkswagen Touareg, Ford Mondeo estate, an Audi A3 or another high quality tow car, leasing could be the perfect way.

Instead of buying the car outright, car leasing allows you to lease a new car or Part Exchanges for a period of two to four years. You pay a small deposit – typically three to six months payments – and then your monthly payments are determined by your anticipated annual mileage and the expected value of the car at the end of the lease agreement.

At the end of the lease period you can hand the car back with nothing to pay. This allows you to drive another brand new car on a new car lease agreement at that time.

Many car lease agreements will allow you to include the cost of repairs and maintenance as part of your monthly payment and others will also include road tax.

While leasing is a great way of driving a new tow car every few years, you should bear in mind that if you don’t keep the car in good condition or exceed your expected mileage that there may be additional charges at the end of the term.

If you’re looking to buy a new tow car to pull your caravan, boat or trailer, have you considered leasing?

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