Spotify: Why Aren’t Some of My Favorite Bands on It?

Why are some of your favorite artists not on Spotify? That is the question that many are asking about the beloved new music service. For example, Led Zeppelin is one of the greatest bands of all time, yet their music is nowhere to be found on Spotify. 

Led Zeppelin is one of a few popular artists, which include AC/DC, The Beatles and Bob Seger, who decided that they should opt out of making their work available to be streamed on Spotify and similar services, such as Mog and Rdio. You must familiarize yourself with how these services actually work in order to understand why these artists would decide to opt out of cooperating with them. 

Spotify works by allowing its users to listen to all the music they want for a monthly fee of between $5 and $10 or an agreement to listen to some advertising. This is a good deal for people who have fast high speed internet connections. Good internet service is necessary because Spotify streams their music and does not let listeners store the songs on their own devices. The artists get money from each time someone listens to their songs. The disagreement with Led Zeppelin and the other musical acts stems from the fact that they do not believe the payment for each play of their song is enough. They argue that what they would make from traditional sales of their songs is much more than what Spotify pays them for each play of their songs. 

The fact that many music industry managers believe Spotify is in direct competition with digital download sellers, such as iTunes, means that other artists may follow Led Zeppelin’s lead and choose to keep their songs away from streaming services. However, most artists are not being so extreme. They simply see these streaming services as new hurdles that can serve to service another segment of the audience. They let those who buy the music do just that and let those who stream wait until the buying has subsided to find the music on Spotify. This strategy is similar to the way soft cover books are released months and even years after the hardcover editions of new books. 

This staggered release strategy may actually allow artists to make more income than they did before streaming services came into existence. The people who will stream music in exchange for listening to ads are probably music fans who would not have paid fifteen dollar for a new CD or 99 cents to download a track. However, Spotify may be hit hard by having to wait to add new music to their service. 

It will be interesting to see what happens with Spotify. For the moment, it is still the hottest thing out there.

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