Why You Should Consider Buying a Van Instead of a Car

Here we look at some of the advantages of buying a van instead of a car.


The main advantage of most types of van is that they are designed for carrying large loads and will have plenty of space for those that need it. Many vans are available in a choice of sizes and styles and are very easy to configure to your exact needs.


Even if you don’t need to transport large and heavy loads that often, choosing a van leaves all of your options open should your circumstances change. Once people buy vans they usually wonder how they ever lived without one. Vans are great for transporting heavy loads such as gravel for the garden but can also be used as family vehicles. With a van, you just put your bikes or kayaks in the back and there is no need for extra roof racks or trailers.
Buying a Van Instead of a Car

Load capacity

Vans are designed to carry heavy loads and are reinforced to deal with loads of around one tonne and over (depending on the exact model). A heavy load may fit into a car but its weight may cause the car irreparable damage. With a van you don’t have this worry.


These days, vans aren’t the uncomfortable chuggers that they used to be. In fact, modern vans are just as comfortable in the cabin and as easy and pleasant to drive as a modern car. Even larger vans, such as those used by removal companies, are now nice to ride in and come with features such as traction control and high-performance suspension.

Re-sale value

When thinking about selling on, vans tend to depreciate less than cars. Because they are practical beasts, any cosmetic scratches or scuffs are much less important to potential buyers of a second-hand van. Because of the large number of small businesses in the UK, there are always plenty of customers interested in decent used vans, so re-sale tends to be pretty easy.

Insurance costs

It is true that the cost of insuring a van can be higher than that of insuring a car. However, the gap is narrowing and the extra insurance cost these days is relatively small. Some drivers may even find that there is no extra cost for them. Many people find that the extra versatility and freedom conferred by a van is well worth any extra insurance expense.

Passenger vans

Passenger vans don’t have the load carrying capacity of other types of van, but they are a great family option. They can have seven, nine or even more seats and the really great thing about them is how easy it is to get the family in and out. Most people can pretty much stand upright in a large passenger van which makes them a much more pleasant experience than most MPVs, for example. Passenger vans also have loads of luggage space.

James Pattrick has been involved in the building trade for more than thirty years. During this time he has always used vans as both his work vehicles and as his family cars.

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