Tips to Get Started on Mobile SEO

When surfing the Internet through a smart phone is quite usual to end up in a classic web, best SEO optimized level, although there is a corresponding mobile version. The mobile SEO has its own rules. Even Google provided an engine dedicated to the mobile world. In fact, Google Places has become very important if we want to stand out in a geo search (88% of smart phone users look for local information on their mobile devices, and 86% of these, take an action as a result of this search). And as for the apps, they need an effort to stand out from other applications.

It was inevitable, along with mobile websites, comes  Mobile Website SEO. But it is really different from “normal” SEO.

mobile seo optimization

Here are 10 tips to help your mobile website show in the Search Engines …

1. Well fitted design:  A website should be appropriate for all mobile gadgets in terms of size, color scheme and operating systems. A fresh designed site is much better than a modified site and has greater chances to get high rank in Google. Reason behind this is transcoding an already existing web page strips of some essential content and that leads to incompletion.

Type of mobile device from which user is searching also matters because different mobile browser have different operating system and thus affect mobile usability and comfortability with web searches.

2) Do not use big titles. Think short blog post title instead of bigger one. Prefer the simple one. For example, instead of “web development of mobile in India, is very tricky task” you should use “mobile development is tricky in India”.
3) When it comes to mobile blogs, if you’ve set up properly right plug-ins, SEO is not a problem. But remember that if you do not file your blogs and websites to mobile directories – you will be invisible. All the SEO in the world will not be able to help you, if you do not seem to exist!

4) Keep an eye on latest updates, which report the latest SEO for Google (specifically, from Matt Cutts, head of Google web spam team. (Also check out the YouTube channel of Google Webmaster Central for the latest news SEO.) Cutts is the man with all the facts and figures.

5) Driving traffic to your mobile website a YouTube video – with the URL of your mobile site and a call to action prominently. If you’ve ever used Google’s mobile web index, that if the strike most of the results are YouTube pages. This can not be sure SEO strategy for ever – but certainly seems to be working now!

6) Localization: Most mobile users search for instant information for local access. It is a part of mobile SEO having optimized search for local places.

When all is said and done, mobile SEO is still in its infancy. By all means follow the tips – but first, you need to concentrate on making your blog or site useful, interesting – and worth returning. For that you may either contact any mobile SEO company.

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