Some useful information on talent transformation

When it comes to showbiz industry the landscape and dimensions are enormous along with the scope and the requirement. Every venture brings with itself a certain pool of talent to suffice its various purposes. Be it modeling, acting, direction, or technical assistance the entertainment industry has never failed to upgrade to a newer level and set a benchmark for aspirants. But how does the industry get such abundant supply of talent every time there is a need?  Who recognizes their potential, grooms them and transforms them to task ready professionals?  Where do they scout and recruit the best set of individuals available? Let’s take a look at who they are and what they do through the following:

Who are they: Roles, agents and agencies?

When you sit down to categorize talent agencies and entities related to the cultivation of potential you will find they are diverse and distributed to each and every sphere of profession. What we are trying to look at here is specific to the entertainment industry. So what are the domains or categories of profession can we look at pertaining to the showbiz industry?

  • Acting (films, television, stage)
  • Modeling (any type)
  • Film agent
  • Advertising and film promotion
  • Music
  • Entertainment law
  • Literary agent

There are no such broad divisions but roughly the above mentioned are the most prominent professional roles we come across in the entertainment industry.

So, you can understand that there are talent agents who work across these professional fields to pick out the best talent among a plethora of aspirants. These agents can work independently as well as with a talent agencies or number of agencies. Talking about talent agencies, these entities are primarily service companies who provide aspiring show biz talent the opportunity to develop from talented rookies to be confident industry ready professionals.  These agencies can exist as full fledged limited company, a community or even a club. They employ freelance agents or recruit them to hunt talent in vicinity or at times around the entire nation.

Television channels primarily acquire talent by telecasting talent hunt shows or public auditions. Interviews are also conducted at times to understand where a certain talent can be optimized if applied.

What they do: Recruit, groom, and Ready?

If you take a look from the perspective of a Talent agent there are two sets of clients at hand for him/her: The talent (the individual to be groomed if not already) and the buyer (the one to recruit). So, a talent agent or an agency essentially can be considered as a bridge, a negotiator, a catalyst between the talent and the buyer. The talent is first interviewed and then put through development and grooming programs for adequate training by the talent agency. These fresh faces are then sent to the relevant people for work, their potential recruiters. At times the recruiters reach out to popular and reputed talent agencies to recruit talent. After the recruitment and receipt of payment the percentages are distributed according to the contract signed between the talent, the agent and the agency.

In addition, a talent agent can act as a celebrity or talent manager who can take care of the talent’s legal and professional activities.

You might be a graduate of OST modeling and acting program or a trained musician, but make sure you are consistent in life and training. Always be careful of scam agents and pretentious offers and understand that performance does the talking. If you have potential be sure to bring it because show biz will always have its glittering set of hurdles.

Author’s Bio – Lopez Genelia is a fashion industry writer. Be it program or anything else – she writes on all possible aspects of fashion and modeling.

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