Leverages of PHP Web Development Over Dot Net and Java


Developing websites by PHP is most popular today, which has increased the demand for PHP developers worldwide. Entrepreneurs should not just go by the market trend but should know the advantages of PHP development over other technologies to take judicious call. This technology seems to be most helpful as of now and offers free web development platforms along with MySQL and Linux. There is no additional cost required for the development process, apart from the remuneration of the developers. PHP is suitable for developing all sorts of web pages, from a small one to ones that need huge database in the back end. PHP is the ideal choice for developing dynamic and purposeful website that brings client’s satisfaction.

Java, .Net and PHP are the leading programming languages today for developing websites. Their relative advantages are compared here to understand the highest competency of PHP:

.Net versus PHP development:

.Net is also a powerful platform for web development. This tool from Microsoft family can be adapted with almost all possible submissions, provided it is designed by skilled programmers. .Net requires license, though Microsoft has released limited free versions as well. The higher cost of .Net includes documentation and full support, making it more preferable for the beginner level web designers. This also possesses built-in reporting tools like any other Microsoft product. Windows functioning scheme and programs required for .Net is quite expensive for the higher output cost. A significance part of PHP’s dominance over .Net comes from its open availability in free of cost. This feature has make PHP an obvious choice for the proprietors of websites and make them hire PHP developers.

Java versus PHP:

Java was the most popular language for web development even a few years back. However, the complexity of Java codes has helped PHP to gradually override Java’s popularity. Java requires an in-depth knowledge to make full-use of the platform, while PHP is much easier to learn. Java is object oriented but PHP is not, while PHP is server-aligned but Java is not. Java utilises pre-compiled and dynamically compiled code when a page is requested, but PHP generally utilise a third-party accelerator to enhance performance. All these factors have played significant role in increasing the use of PHP.

Overall benefits of PHP:

Today PHP has become synonymous with web development. This is able to develop secure websites and hence very dependable as scripting language. PHP technology can easily add dynamic features and functionalities to the websites for better business. This server side programming language is able to create web-based apps and customized apps along with content management systems and other dynamic tools. The open source release of PHP results in easy availability that results in better designing of GUI applications. This popular scripting language is compatible with HTML. The only challenge of developing PHP based website is to find expert web developers, since the poor quality PHP websites developed by inexperienced programmers lose the position in the website very quickly.

Though, there are definitely many advantages of .Net and Java, the cheaper cost and flexibility of PHP has increased its demand as user-friendly programming language. Those who are aware about the pros and cons of different programming languages might select PHP for more structured approach and no cost for license. To develop interactive and profitable websites, business entrepreneurs hire dedicated and knowledgeable PHP developers.

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Patrick Hardy is an experienced web developer, who knows all three of Java, .Net and PHP. As a programmer he recommends to hire PHP developers for designing stunning websites for online businesses.

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