Decorating Your Child’s Room with Bright Colours

Decorating a room for a child is a fun project if you allow yourself to relax with it. Children’s decoration can be looser and more imaginative than the decor you’d choose for a reception room or your own bedroom. You can indulge in fantasy and whimsy and depending on the age and sex of your children, along with their particular tastes and interests, create a room that’s both functional and exciting.

There is so much to choose from, from fun nursery wallpapers right through to children’s lighting, that just about anything goes. If you’re embarking on a kids decor project, seeing it as a chance to explore your own creativity will give you the extra motivation to get it finished. Don’t forget, though, to also ask kids what they’d like. Older children, in particular, can have very firm ideas about what they do and don’t want in their own rooms.

Colour Choices
When we think of decorating for very young children or babies, the first and most obvious choices are to go for pastel colours in either pink or blue. While it’s true that little girls often have a fondness for pink shades, that doesn’t mean you can’t step outside the box and choose something more vibrant.

Primary colours are just as suitable and acceptable in very young children’s rooms. Think of the colour combinations used in the play apparatus in swing parks or commercial kids play venues. They’re all bright, bold and primary, with sunshine yellows, bold blues and resounding reds. Kids love them. They’re clear and bright, easily recognised when compared to more subtle colour hues and for that reason help young children learn to distinguish between colours.

As well as all the important and main furniture items such as the bed, a chest of drawers or wardrobe and possibly a desk, think of the little things that help to draw the theme of the room together.

Lamp shades, curtains and cushions, chairs or toyboxes can all be matched to the main decoration theme. Wall shelves painted in bright colours helps to keep small toys or books off the floor and choosing clear plastic storage boxes with brightly coloured tops means not only is the room colour coordinated, it’s also neat and tidy with a place for everything. This makes cleaning up easier too, especially when you’re trying to teach kids to keep their rooms tidy.

Choosing Lights
Just as lighting plays an important part around the rest of the house, the lighting in a child’s room is just as important. Older children will possibly need a desk light so they can see written homework clearly without eye strain and younger children might find the inclusion of a night light necessary in order to banish the monster under the bed.

Reading lights and bedside lamps can make bedtime a more pleasant experience since low lighting makes a room look more inviting and cosy. Choosing children’s lighting carefully puts the finishing touch to any decor project.

Author Bio : Alison Morgan is a seasoned home decor writer. She invites readers to click on this page to explore the range of home lighting possibilities.

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