What are the benefits of hand held consoles?

For a long time, handheld consoles have been seen as second best by serious gamers on the grounds of poorer graphics, a short battery life and a limited supply of games.

However this is changing quickly, and in the last few years retailers have been selling Nintendo DS and PlayStation Vita’s to serious gamers to use as their primary console.

The rise of the hand held console comes down to many factors, but the main one is the improved graphic and gaming power of the devices, not to mention 3D capability. If you’re considering investing in a hand held console, here are some of the benefits you should consider.

Portable Entertainment

The main and most obvious benefit of a hand held console is its mobile nature. All hand held consoles can be carried around in a bag or pocket and whipped out at a moment’s notice for instant entertainment.

Ideal for keeping both kids and adults entertained on long car journeys, in doctor’s waiting rooms and all sorts of other trying times, the devices can be packed away just as quickly when the waiting is over.

Social skills

The stereotype of the lone geek sat at home playing computer games late into the night has long been out of date, but many people still do see computer games as a solitary pursuit.

However, with the increased connective powers of most hand held consoles, people are playing together more than ever before.

Playing games in this way can actually help to improve teamwork and problem solving, helping to boost your confidence and develop your social skills in the process.

Keep it to yourself

If you live in a busy house with lots of noise and chaos, adding the sound from a video game can be the final straw.

With a hand held console you can easily plug in some ear phones, giving you a great surround sound experience, while maintaining the peace and quiet for everyone else.

And if you live in a house with just one TV, finding a time when no one wants to watch it can be very tricky. Again, a hand held console lets you play whenever and wherever you want.


Both the PSP and DS consoles have improved hugely in their connectivity, and it’s now possible to use your console to surf the web, listen to music and watch videos.

With a hand held games console, you’ll have entertainment on demand at your fingertips wherever in the world you happen to be.

So if you’re considering buying a new console, remember that bigger isn’t always better and soon hand held consoles may well overtake their showy big brothers, so get ahead of the pack and grab yourself a mobile entertainment hotspot.

With years of experience in both hand held and stationary gaming, and with two small children to look after, Robbie Evans knows a thing or two about keeping kids entertained as well as how to find the best games consoles on the market and where to sell Nintendo DS and other consoles online.

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