How to save money on your wedding entertainment

There’s no getting away from the fact that weddings are expensive, especially when it seems everyone involved ups their prices as soon as anyone mentions the “W” word!

On the other hand, it’s going to be one of the most memorable days in your lives together, and you want all your guests to really enjoy themselves too, so you might feel you need to spend a lot on wedding entertainment to make that happen.

wedding entertainment

In fact, there is one simple way to save money on wedding entertainment that will make the day more enjoyable for everyone, and much easier to organize too! And it’s this:

Book once, use twice (or more)

Most wedding and functions bands, classical group, singers or entertainers can perform at your wedding in more than one format, so they can be part of your ceremony and your drinks reception, or your wedding meal and your evening party. Here’s how it works:

Wedding ceremony

Music really makes a wedding ceremony, but don’t feel the only money-saving way to enjoy music at your wedding is to use the church musicians or play CDs at the registry office or wedding venue. Live musicians are not only affordable, they are also very versatile, and that works in your favour.

So, instead of the church choir, why not book a wedding singer or two, who can also perform during your wedding meal to delight your guests before the speeches start. Or, walk down the aisle in style to a string quartet, harpist, pianist or classical guitarist, who can also play at your wedding drinks reception.

Most musicians will be more than happy to do this, as they actually enjoy performing for guests and turning up just to do 20 minutes in the church can be quite unsatisfying for them!

Drinks reception

While you and the family are having your photos taken, most of your guests will be at your drinks reception, and it’s always a lovely touch to provide some music or entertainment for them.

This is when your evening party and function band can start to entertain your guests with a gentle acoustic set on guitars, or with vocals. Imagine how delighted your guests all be when, later on, the reception music musicians they’ve been enjoying suddenly turn up on stage as part of your wedding function band, and make the wedding party really go with a swing!

Wedding meal

The secret of good entertainment at a wedding meal or wedding breakfast is that, you might actually not need any! Often, the meal itself, with speeches, is entertainment enough as people chat, catch up with old friends, and enjoy the food. And with so many people talking, background music is often not heard properly, and just makes people talk louder anyway!

If you think younger guests might get restless, why not consider a ‘roving’ magician or caricaturist, who move between tables to provide some delightful, close-up fun for both adults and children alike.

Wedding reception and party

By now, you’ve probably already got all the entertainment you need on site anyway!

Your function band duo from the drinks reception are joined by the rest of the band, who play one or two live sets to get everyone up and dancing!

In the gaps between the band’s sets, your magician might like to do a show to thrill and amaze, and isn’t that the caricaturist at the bar, drawing Uncle Fred as James Bond?

And if you want a DJ to fill the floor in between sets, just ask the band; many function bands now offer a DJ option as part of their show, so you don’t have two sets of equipment taking up space in your venue either!

And finally, there’s one more way to save money on your wedding entertainment – always book with an established online entertainment booking agency. You can see all their acts online, check out what they offer in terms of acoustic sets, DJ options, various musician combinations or formats, etc. You can listen to demo tracks or view their videos, and usually get a quote for how much each act or performer costs.

If all that sounds like hard work, take the shortcut and simply ring the agency direct. The best online wedding entertainment agencies really know their artists well, so can advise you on the most cost-effective package of wedding musicians and live bands, including suggesting locally-based acts that will reduce travel costs, etc. Reputable, professional agencies will be more than happy to offer free advice and suggest different entertainment combinations you might not have thought of.

Top UK entertainment agencies also have bands and acts that work exclusively for them, and also negotiate special rates with other acts, so you will usually save money over booking all your wedding entertainment direct.

Best of all, by booking all your wedding entertainment with one agency, one call organises everything, and you have just one person to deal with should things change or your need help. There’s just one company to pay, and the reassurance of proper contracts and telephone support on the day should you need it (check your online booking agency offer this!)

So, you can relax and enjoy your wedding entertainment without worry over the next credit card bill or bank statement!


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