Veronic Mars Movie is a Go After Kickstarter Campaign

Popular cult noir series Veronica Mars will hit screens again next year, after a successful Kickstarter campaign raised the necessary funds for a movie adaptation.  Director Rob Thomas and lead actress Kristen Bell have expressed their gratitude to fans after donations poured in, and raised the necessary $2 million in just twelve hours.  The campaign broke all previous Kickstarter records, and fans can expect to see the movie in cinemas in early 2014.  Warner Brothers, who originally turned down the idea, agreed to produce the movie if the fundraising target was met, and will handle marketing, promotion, and distribution.

Although the show only aired for three series before being dropped by The CW Network in 2007, it met with rave reviews, and earned numerous awards including five Teen Choice Awards and four Saturn Awards.  Loyal fans have been hungry for more ever since and Rob Thomas acknowledged their generosity by telling reporters “These amazing fans have stepped up. We better deliver.”  Production will now get underway this summer as donations continue to pour in, and have already exceeded $3 million.  In return for donations, the cast have offered rewards such as signed movie posters, a personalised voicemail recording, premiere tickets, and even a part in the movie.  The Veronica Mars Kickstarter page features an emotional message from Rob Thomas, and a five minute comedy sketch shot in Bell’s home with former cast members.

Set in the fictional town of Neptune, California, Veronica Mars follows the life of the title character played by Kristen Bell, as she juggles college life with uncovering crime and injustice in her hometown.  Working alongside her father, a private detective and former county sheriff played by Enrico Colantoni, she leads a double life as a private investigator, and attempts to solve the mysteries that plague the residents of Neptune including the disappearance of her own mother.  The first series sees the family shunned by the local community after the murder of Veronica’s best friend Lily, played by Amanda Seyfried.  Fans can expect much of the same drama from the movie, namely murder, mystery, suspense, and a possible high school reunion.

The project is currently the biggest fundraising event ever undertaken by Kickstarter, and could change the way movies receive their funding in the future.  Thomas got the idea from his friend Robert Harrison, lead singer of the band Cotton Mather, who financed a rerelease of their album through Kickstarter.  Kristen Bell could hardly contain her excitement after hearing the news and compared the show’s loyal fans to their crime solving idol by telling reporters “I knew Veronica Mars fans were cool, but I had no idea they could rally with such power.  They are unstoppable — just like Veronica.”  The cast and crew now have a huge responsibility to their fans, and the pressure to deliver a first class movie will be a top priority.  The success of the Veronica Mars movie shows just what a few dedicated minds can accomplish, and that the will of the fans can eventually triumph over the decisions of the Hollywood production companies.

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