Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Dogs and Their Behavior

If you are a dog lover, then you have landed on the right page. Given below is some valuable information that every dog lover should be aware of. Make sure you read every point carefully and make good use of it.

Dog Breeds

It is said that there are around 300 breeds of dogs worldwide; however, the American Kennel Club reports over 150 registered breeds of dogs in the United States. All the breeds differ in nature, size and other such characteristics.

Some very famous dog breeds include the German Shepherd, Chihuahua, Poodle, Bulldog and the Golden Retriever.  Some of these breeds are commonly kept as domestic pets, such as beagles and golden retriever while some may be used for other purposes.

Dog Behavior

As mentioned above, a dog’s behavior depends on its breed and differs from animal to animal. However, there are some general behaviors that are common among all breeds. If you are a dog owner or have interest in the animal, then you should be aware of these.

  • Dogs are generally of a social nature and like to make friends with humans. They are also very loyal to their owners. Dogs, if left alone, may turn aggressive or distressed, depending on their nature. This is why they should be kept with a pack so that they stay happy.
  • Dogs bite people to communicate a message. This may be fear or nervousness or they want to take the person somewhere. However, biting shouldn’t be taken lightly as it may be due to aggressive nature and may cause damage.

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  • Jumping up is a very common behavior for most dogs that people often misinterpret as enthusiasm. Research shows that dogs normally jump to show their dominance over you and such a behavior should not always be encouraged.
  • Digging is a normal activity for most dogs. They dig to hide food or find rodents. However, this habit may cause trouble as your dog may end up spoiling your garden. It is important to train dogs in behavior so that they know what’s right and what’s wrong.

You can get your dog trained by a professional if you want him to follow any certain behavior. Dogs are quick learners and can easily mold as per your likes.

Dog Food

 Lemmikin ruokinta aka pet feeding deserves special mention here. Dogs, originally carnivores, have evolved over the years and can now survive on various types of food. However, several breeds still only consume meat.

To meet the growing demands of pet owners, especially prepared dog food is easily available in stores around the world. There is a variety of dog food that is prepared keeping their tastes and likes in mind. Some examples include:

  • Wet Dog Food
  • Frozen Dog Food
  • Vegetarian Dog Food

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There is a variety of materials used in the production of dog food, including meat, bones, offal and crutons byproducts. Every dog has different likes and taste; hence, it is suggested that you seek advice from an expert regarding the right dog food for your pet.

Dog Health

Dogs, like most other animals, fall sick. It is important to take care of their health and ensure hygiene. They suffer from several types of disease, including viral, fungal, bacterial, parasitical, genetic, skin, eye, heart and orthopedic diseases.

Fortunately, treatment for most diseases is available and it is recommended that you take your dog to a vet if you see any unusual symptoms, such as excessive barking, problem in seeing or walking etc.

Author’s Bio

The author is a specialist in dog health and has performed several dog surgeries as well. He is available for consultancy on dog behavior, food and health. Click Here to know more about the world of dogs so that you can keep your animal healthy and happy.

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