Six Top Reasons To Train Your Staff As Fire Marshals

A fire emergency is any business owners worst nightmare. Not only is there the risk of equipment and property being destroyed or damaged, but most importantly, your staff are put at risk too. Investing in staff training in fire safety can save lives and may even help to save property. Here are six reasons why […]

What are the benefits of excellent Safety Training?

Safety training is of benefit both to the individual working in the field of safety and also to the business providing a service in this area. Benefits to the business 1. A business employing qualified safety staff who have relevant, up-to-date and accredited qualifications will be confident of offering a good service and being able […]

The Benefits of Attending Training Classes

Oracle University has been providing training over the years on several different topics. Since the courses offered are customized to the students’ needs, you can easily select the class of your choice from the entire list available. Classroom training Classroom training is the most popular learning arrangement, and students are provided with hands-on learning experiences. […]

Antiquarian books – rare and precious windows in to a forgotten world

What are your reading interests? Do you love the cut and thrust of politics, or do you prefer a sedate read of a Jane Austin novel? Perhaps you are into travel and have a genuine copy of a travel companion for railway adventures written by George Bradshaw during the Victorian era, or one of his […]

Close to the Heart: The Natural Way to Care for Your Baby

Introduction When a baby is born she/he moves from the safe, warm, close confines of the mother’s womb to a new and sometimes harsh environment outside the womb. As parents our job is to recognize the culture shock our baby is going through and make that transition as easy and painless as possible. Feeding A […]