Is the Games Console Fad Dying?

People have been able to play videogames in their homes since the 1970s. Whilst ancient devices from Atari and Calicovision may seem primitive by modern standards, they essentially stand for the same principles of recreational digital entertainment as their modern counterparts. However, there are some who would argue that games consoles are on the path […]

Veronic Mars Movie is a Go After Kickstarter Campaign

Popular cult noir series Veronica Mars will hit screens again next year, after a successful Kickstarter campaign raised the necessary funds for a movie adaptation.  Director Rob Thomas and lead actress Kristen Bell have expressed their gratitude to fans after donations poured in, and raised the necessary $2 million in just twelve hours.  The campaign […]

HD Movie: A Heavenly Experience for an Ardent fan of Cinema

Since time immemorial, cinema has been entertaining individuals with the unique experience it offers. From the concept of viewing moving images through a hole in a box against a lighted background, to three dimensional films, cinema has undergone a considerable evolution. Today cinema is nothing less than a responsible mode of communication with a mass […]

A Brief Analysis of the Exciting Features of Internet Games

There are several internet games that can be played online. Most of these games are available for free while some are paid games. Playing internet games has many advantages associated with it. Mentioned below are some of those advantages. Advantages of Playing Internet Games The players become a lot more familiar with internet technologies. Playing […]

5 Enjoyable Holiday Destinations in London

In 2011 over 30 million people visited England and half of those visitors spent their stay in London; you probably don’t need much convincing to realise that vacationers enjoy going to the UK for a nice getaway, and for good reason. The UK capitol oozes historic charm from every shop and roadway. While there are […]