Effective Diets for Teen Age Girls

Teenage is a wonderful stage in life, particularly for the girls. In fact, the main goal during this stage is to have a perfect figure. The key to achieving the goal is to follow a balanced diet. This means that you should control your craving for chocolates and junk foods. You need to be very […]

5 Ways to Overcome the Stresses of Nursing

You love your nursing job; you love your patients. You love helping people manage their health better. You couldn’t imagine doing anything else for a living, but with the demanding hours and responsibility, the job is highly stressful — perhaps more so than many other occupations. If you’re effectively managing your stress, you can’t do […]

Today’s Best Workout Routine At Home To Lose Excess Body Fat

While there are people, men and women alike, who want to gain weight, there are many more that would rather lose the extra weight they have put on. The flabs are unflattering, and it also becomes an inconvenience when choosing the clothes’ sizes. Therefore, it is a must for one to lose the weight that […]

How Does Pulse Oximetry Help To Monitor Your Health?

Oxygen is vital for human life. Oxygen uptake can be inhibited due to health conditions such as obstructive pulmonary disease or during medical emergencies. In such cases it is helpful to measure blood oxygen levels through pulse oximetry, which is a non-invasive method of measuring oxygen levels. How Does Pulse Oximetry Work? Pulse oximetry uses […]

Biceps tendinitis shoulder

Biceps is located on the front of the shoulder. The upper arm portion attached to the blade by two separate tendons. These are called the proximal tendon. The word “proximal” refers to a “neighbor.” One tendon, tendon of the long head of the biceps begins to refund the edge of acetabulum and is associated with […]